Genius Hour

For my Genius Hour project, I have chosen to make a google slides project about the history of football which should be interesting for some people that enjoy football or playing football. Why I have chosen it is to explain the history of football and how long it has been going on for. On my Genius Hour project I posted a link of a video about the NFL evolution timeline and it is basically a commercial about the NFL timeline.

Ecosystems @ School

We went in the woods and found some items including; feathers,bark,pine straw,dead leaves,and thorns,grass,and sticks. I wondered how we found a feather, maybe the bird got eaten by some animal and the feather was there when we found it. So I was surprised to see a bird feather.


My Grandpa My Hero!

 Who is my hero? I’ll give you a hint. He gives the greatest amount of love I would ask for his name is Rudy Wallesch he is my grandpa.

 My grandpa is loving. He gives me hugs and kisses and he tells me “I love you” every day.He’s been there for me ever sense I was a baby. The reason is that he listens to me and he is the one that asked to baby sitt me. If I was sad he would tell me that “everything will be ok to me because he cares”.

 We are good pals because we always hang out with each other at his house and we go fishing.Why does he love me like he does? By virtue he thinks the world of me.

 That to me sounds like a hero.He is a loving hero to me. Now that’s how a hero is a greatful hero.

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